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SGI Buddhist Activities

Our local community-based meetings offer people the opportunity to openly discuss how to apply Buddhist practice and philosophy to everyday life. Our goal is to transform ourselves and our communities for the better without ignoring or glossing over problems. To facilitate this, we have dialogue groups all over Chicagoland and beyond where individuals can learn from each other's examples of implementing Buddhist philosophy in their own life. All our meetings are free and open to all. Feel free to reach out and we'll connect you with other practitioners in your area. 

Click here to find a meeting.

Introduction to SGI Nichiren Buddhism

Email us for more information about attending either an in-person or Zoom Introduction to Buddhism meeting or to find meetings in your neighborhood.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

"Changing our hearts is not a matter of doing something that will only temporarily lift our mood or make us feel better, without changing our reality. A true change in our heart is more profound; genuine inner change produces actual change in our lives. Deepening our "heart"—our life state—is the true value of our religion of human revolution. When we speak of obtaining benefit through our Buddhist practice, we are ultimately referring to our inner transformation at the deepest level." 

-Daisaku Ikeda 

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